Brazilian Zouk





Module 1 - 06.02. - 07.02.

16 - 20pm - Prague time zone

• Theoretical and practical classes

• History of Brazilian Zouk

• The basic timing of Brazilian Zouk

• Basic musicality

• Leading and Following technique

• General techniques

• Brazilian Zouk fundamental basic moves

• Old school Brazilian Zouk moves

• How to start a dance community in your city

• How to prepare what you will teach in your class

• Setup regular classes schedule prep

• Solve unpleasant problems in the classroom or workshop

• And more ...

Module 2 - 20.02. - 21.02.

16 - 20pm - Prague time zone

• How to improve your dance to attract new students

• General techniques

• Dance floor simulations

• Lab how to create your own moves

• Specific dance technique

• How to learn and teach basic head

• Movements, Learn how to do spins and how to teach spins

• Learn how to have better posture, lines, control, and good balance

• Learn the top worldwide moves

• History of Lambaba - LambaZouk

• Lear hands styling, footwork, isolating, and hips movement techniques.

• C&F Fernanda Signature moves

• Counterbalance foundations

• How to start dancing in high heels and why ladies normally lose their balance by dancing in high heels

• The difference between teaching regular Classes and workshops

• And more ...

Module 3 - 27.02. - 28.02.

16 - 20pm - Prague time zone

• How to dance as a PRO

• Learn all the basics moves in high quality

• Learn the original Brazilian Swag

• Musicality at a high level of Dynamic

• The difference in how to teach regular classes and workshops

• How to teach Zouk workshop at Salsa or Bachata event

• How to prepare yourself or your students for the J&J competition

• Tips on what you need to do, to become a great local or international dance teacher

• How to pick the right song for your demo

• Secrets to achieving personal or professional dance success

. What you need to know and improve in your dance to be invited to the best congress in the world.

• and more ...

Get ready for the best of our 20 years national and international experience in 3 amazing modules where you will improve your skills as dancers, performer and as a teacher. Don't miss this opportunity to make a big and significant change in your dance !!!



Important to know:

  • All course will be recorded and available for download

  • PDF Guide to participants of all module

  • Private group on Facebook

  • Possibility to purchase individual modules 

  • Everyone can do the course training, is not necessary to be a dance instructor or to know how to dance Brazilian Zouk.

  • Learn as a leader and as follow.

  • The training course is made to everyone be able to attend, Solo dancer or couple dancers

  • Everyone that will attend all 3 modules, will get a certification of participation without make exam

  • Optional Certification of teaching qualifications by Carlos and Fernanda methodology is only available for those that will attend all 3 models and is also necessary to do an individual exam with a small fee of 50 €


  • Private Spotify C&F playlist 

  • Old School music

  • Carlos da Silva Zouk Album

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