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Teachers training Course - C&F Brazilian Zouk Methodology


Hello everyone, 

In this training course, we will be sharing with you the most important moments of our career and partnership.

You will have access to all of our professional secrets, as well as hundreds of technical and dance tips and tricks, which you probably did not receive until this training course.

Get ready for the best of our 20 years national and international experience in 3 amazing modules where you will improve your skills as dancers, performer and as a teacher.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a big and significant change in your dance !!!

• Theoretical and practical classes

• History of Brazilian Zouk

• The basic timing of Brazilian Zouk

• Basic musicality

• Leading and Following technique

• General techniques

• Brazilian Zouk fundamental basic moves

• Old school Brazilian Zouk moves

• How to start a dance community in your city

• How to prepare what you will teach in your class

• Setup regular classes schedule prep

• Solve unpleasant problems in the classroom or workshop

• How to improve your dance to attract new students

• General techniques

• Dance floor simulations

• Lab how to create your own moves

• Specific dance technique

• How to learn and teach basic head

• Movements, Learn how to do spins and how to teach spins

• Learn how to have better posture, lines, control, and good balance

• Learn the top worldwide moves

• History of Lambaba - LambaZouk

• Lear hands styling, footwork, isolating, and hips movement techniques.

• C&F Fernanda Signature moves

• Counterbalance foundations

• How to start dancing in high heels and why ladies normally lose their balance by dancing in high heels

• The difference between teaching regular Classes and workshops

• How to dance as a PRO

• Learn all the basics moves in high quality

• Learn the original Brazilian Swag

• Musicality at a high level of Dynamic

• The difference in how to teach regular classes and workshops

• How to teach Zouk workshop at Salsa or Bachata event

• How to prepare yourself or your students for the J&J competition

• Tips on what you need to do, to become a great local or international dance teacher

• How to pick the right song for your demo

• Secrets to achieving personal or professional dance success

. What you need to know and improve in your dance to be invited to the best congress in the world.v

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